Wertfrei Studios

Branding - 2017

Wertfrei Studios, is a local design studio based in Frankfurt, Germany. They specialize in various types of design such as: e'commerce websites, email marketing, corporate branding, web hosting, and print/new media designs. Wetrei combines sophistication and professionalism into the work that they present.

Wertfrei comes from German descent, meaning neutrally open-minded, which is an accurate representation of our mentality. Yet the design is only a mere concept until the execution brings it to fruition. Many creative ideas never get off the ground for lack of ability to make them real. At Wertfrei, we have both sides covered; understanding the marriage of both technique and creativity, to make your ideas become reality.

Design Brief & Concept

Provide a custom logo design that reflects our commitment to timeless sophistication and quality craftsmanship. In the design make a strong, yet elegant logo that is coherant with the company's values. Must incorporate the company name and/or letter "W" in a suitable and professional manner. Also present various examples of promotional product/packaging designs that display visual representations of versatility, anabling us to work across a variety of mediums and applications.