I'm Cody Doherty (@coherty), and I capture moments via mediocre photography. This practice is an ongoing exploration and Iook forward to meeting new people and experiences. I enjoy taking pictures of friends and documenting the world through my own perspective. I take pride in continuously learning new & better techniques to improve my photography. I'm currently open for collaborations.

Photography allows you to create, document, and share your expressions through imagery. Each shot, every click of the shutter, allows you to capture a moment and tell your own story. Although it is an entrirely different medium with various learning curves, it still enables artists to express themselves while giving them the direction to create with an intended purpose. By creating more meaningful work, you can find greater focus and develop a stronger voice, leading to deeper satisfaction and growth as a creative. Exploring the world through the viewfinder frame can encourage a greater appreciation of the things that interested you. It can allow you to value the details in life and admire the everlasting moments happening around you. So I dedicate this gallery to all of the ass-kicking, creative driven individuals. Never stop creating.

If you're curious, here's my gear.

Also here's a few artists that I've been inspired by lately, I'll try update this list as I'm exposed to new content.

Kesler Ottley   /   Joe Greer   /   Rachel Bush  /   Perri Leigh  /   Jake Chamseddine